SketchUP 3D

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Google Sketchup 3D course 2 Month Duration.

Google SketchUp course is most popular 3D modeling course in all our the world. student work 2D and 3D models for use in a variety of fields including Civil, Mechanical engineering, architecture and even Animation. SketchUp is a very user-friendly 2D sketches & 3D modeling course. when it comes to modeling You can create any shape model and parts, our course has a lot of practical notes [Assignment books] to help you to create advanced level design and modeling. we offers to start with free demo lecture. The good thing about SketchUp course create a plan drawing like living room, kitchen room, bedroom, WC, bath etc. SketchUp interface provides tools which may convert your 2D plan into a typical residential building design.

This is one of the introductory and simplest software to start learning about 3d modeling. You can create chairs, tables, household items, vehicles, structures and lot more. V-Ray for to produce renderings with proper lighting and know how to work with 3D designs.

This course is best for architects and civil engineers.

Student will learn how to create 3D models, In this course, students learn how to use SketchUp component to crate exterior and interior model. study scale, elevations, and sections. our student will also learn how to combine sketchUp 3D design with other 3D software and use the rendering tools. It’s a 3D modeling software in which you can produce 3D models of house, any structure design.

What will student learn in this course? why student join our course?

  1. Student will be comfortable navigating 3D SketchUp, creating new type designing in 3D and make HD level rendering.
  2. Our student will learn how to set up a file rightly and develop your 3D models design completely.
  3. Student will also learn how to use the Dibac 3D tool for create modeling.
  4. Learn the differences between computer 3D model and constructing an real 3D View.
  5. Student can understand the differences between 2D CAD and Advanced Sketchup and 3Ds max rendering.
  6.  How to use best practices with 2D plan convert to 3D model, also learn advanced shortcuts that will make your work more effective.
  7.  Learn how to move walk-through 3D Model apply the V-Ray color, & camera for realistic rendering view.
  8. How to create model basic structure Design with these Dibac tool walls, doors, windows, stairs and more.
  9. Student will learn how to create customize V-Ray materials to apply on 3D model.
  10. We offer our student job and internship.
  11. Final online examination must for certificate.


Introduction sketchup

Part design with basic tools

Zoom, pan and rotate 

Wall, door and windows tool

2D Drawings Auto Convert in 3D

Drawing and pencil tool

Drawing circles and arcs.

Advanced Shortcuts tricks

3D Rotating Objects.

Create Model with Dimension 

3D models Exterior

Interior Design

Export & import DWG file, JPEG, 3Ds.

3D as well as other data types

Learn large tools set  

Creating 3d text

Working with components

Creating and applying materials

V- Ray setting Rendering

V- Ray Light

V- Ray Camera setting

Dibac Tool design

1BHK, 2BHK row house planning

3d Modeling and views

Use arc, polygon, rectangle, and circle.

extrude, change scale

Rotate, move, shift, and others.

Import a 2D or a 3D file and work on it.